General Resources - A site that allows students to practice verb conjugations online.
Learn Spanish an online review of many grammar topics in an easy to read format.
BBC Spanish an online study Spanish program.
Quizlet Vocabulary & Grammar Practice Games, Flashcards, Practice Tests

Word Reference - Spanish-English and English-Spanish dictionaries plus verb conjugations.
Yahoo Spanish Dictionary - Yahoo's online Spanish dictionary
Merriam-Webster English and Spanish Dictionary - Merriam-Webster online dictionary

Wachusett School Wide Rubrics
WRHS Core Values and Expectations - School-wide Core Values and Expectations
Foreign Language Speaking and Writing Rubrics - Scoring guides for the School Wide rubrics used for speaking tests, essays, and projects
WRHS Collaboration Rubric
WRHS Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Rubric
WRHS Technology Rubric
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Online Textbook and Workbook
Forgot your book at school? Forgot your homework worksheet in your locker? You can now access both the textbook and the workbook online. If the following publisher links don't work for you, check Google Classroom for more detailed directions.

Spanish 1:
        Go to: Glencoe Spanish 1 and use the following information to log-in:
        User Name: BUEVL105
        Password: NepH4fre
        Capitals matter!

Spanish 2:
        Go to: Glencoe Spanish 2 and use the following information to log-in:
        User Name: BUEVL205
        Password: gad8gEtr
        Capitals matter!

Spanish Basic:
        Go to: and use the following information to log-in:
        User Name: wrhsx
        Password: basic
        Once logged in, click "Go to the online textbook" and "Book Pages" for the textbook, "Cuaderno de Actividades" for the Workbook

Teacher Practice Sites
Sra. Shamgochian's Quia SPA 1 Practice vocabulary and grammar activities for Spanish 1
Sra. Shamgochian's Quia SPA 2 Practice vocabulary and grammar activities for Spanish 2

Spanish Basic Practice
Country Project Resources
Spanish Basic Practice sites

Spanish 1 Practice
Spanish Alphabet Practice hearing the alphabet in Spanish

Spanish 2 - Book and Audio Resources
Encuentro Inesperado Audio Spanish 2 Encuentro Inesperado Audio files.
Spanish 2 Encuentro Inesperado Power Points and Worksheets