Spanish Basic Worksheets

Texbook and Workbook:
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Preguntas del Día - Questions of the day template
Website Assignment - Website homework sheet

Foreign Language Speaking and Writing Rubrics - Scoring guides for the School Wide rubrics used for speaking tests, essays, and projects
WRHS Collaboration Rubric
WRHS Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Rubric
WRHS Technology Rubric
WRHS Citizenship Rubric

Chapter 1:
Worksheet 1 Homework
Worksheet 2 Homework
Worksheet 3 Homework
Telling Time Worksheet In Class Work
Greetings - Comic Strip Directions
Ch. 1 Writing Prompt In Class Letter to Teacher
Vocabulary Organizer - Ch.1 Vocab 1 Side 1
Vocabulary Organizer - Ch. 1 Vocab 1 Side 1
Vocabulary Organizer - Ch. 1 Vocab 2 Side 1
Vocabulary Organizer - Ch. 1 Vocab 2 Side 2
Song - El Alfabeto Lyrics
Song - Los Días de la semana Lyrics
Song - Los mese del año Lyrics
Song - Los Números Lyrics
Song - Ser Lyrics

Chapter 2:
Verb Charts
20 Questions Game
Quién Soy Poster Directions
Friend Descriptions
"Me Gusta" Activity
"Me Gusta" Song Lyrics
Personal Description Activity
Practice Interviewing Questions

Chapter 3:
Weather Notes Sheet [Word .doc | PDF]
Weather Poster Project [Word .doc | PDF]
-AR verbs practice worksheet
Place Brochure
Writing Group 1
Writing Group 2
Writing Group 3

Chapter 4:
Blank Schedule
Blank Schedule Sentences
School Subjects List
Writing Practice
Costa Rica Reading
Tener, Necesitar Practice
Venir, Ir Practice

Chapter 5:
Chapter 5 Practice Worksheet
AR, ER, IR Verb Practice
Family Tree Assignment
Family Interview
Irregulars Practice
Possessive Adjectives Practice
Ser, Estar Practice